Moorages Tour for RFP Responders

This morning, Paul Suver, Sabranie Coyne and I met with Peggy Tosdal and Paul Wilkinson to discuss the RFP onsite.  This was an arranged tour for all interested parties.  We were joined by Wendell Stroud and Steve Kovach of Marine Floats, and Adam of  Leschi Lakecenter’s Property Management Group, the owner of the private marina between North and South Leschi.

Paul and Peggy are very eager to work with us, especially with Suver’s company donating pile driving technology that will exceed green building standards for marinas.  There is green money available, and Seattle always wants to be on the cutting edge.  Gary Gibbons has been named project manager to immediately repair the 27 outer slips at South Leschi, and can spend $2MM of the $4MM to do so.  Because Peggy and Paul are paid from the General Fund, all of the money being collected in rents now is being spent on repairs and maintenance, and maybe this maintenance fund will generate enough revenue so the South Leschi breakwater could also be immediately repaired.  If the 27 slips sink, DNR will not allow them to be replaced – they will be lost forever.

An interesting partnership may have sprung from this morning’s gathering.  Leschi Lakecenter does not want to repair or renovate – it just makes sense for them to manage the adjacent docks on either side of the private marina at Leschi.  They would have no interest in commercial development, as new stores and restaurants would compete with those already tenants of Leschi Lakecenter.  Leschi Lakecenter could run Leschi, Parks could run Lakewood, all good.

Stay tuned for updates.  Keeping the faith, Jeannie O’Brien




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