Who are Lakewood Moorage’s Friends?

Our membership has grown since our meeting in April of 2015 when we first officially organized to take action against Parks. In the 5+ years since Parks announced this privatization plan, we have yet to figure out why. Parks continues to ignore our very reasonable requests: explain to the public why the lease with Marina Management is the only way to get our docks fixed, and show us the numbers! Why can’t Parks use debt financing and pay it back with moorage revenues? Why does Parks want to give away one of the very few revenue producing park properties for 40 years? And only receive 3% of rent in return?

Right after the court’s ruling April 6, the onsite Marina Management Manager evicted one of the long time live aboard tenants without notice. He merely deactivated his key card, so the tenant has no way to get to his boat or to use the bathroom on Ohler Island. When another live aboard tenant offered the evicted tenant his spare key, he was threatened with eviction too. This is absolutely contrary to the city’s emergency policy on homelessness.

We see that Parks and the City don’t care about the tenants at the public moorages. I asked the city to have its legal department review the illegal contract we all had to sign or be denied a slip, with no success. While it’s true that it is a requirement of the moorage contract to have liability insurance, and the evicted tenant does not have it, I don’t see the city running around and denying homeless citizens access to their RVs or cars if they can’t produce liability insurance. Also notable is that previous concessionaires and Parks allowed this evicted tenant to live aboard his boat for years without providing proof of insurance. So did Marina Management until the court ruled against us. This is one of the reasons we are asking the court to reconsider her ruling.

Our court challenge to Citizen’s Initiative 42 is the first of its kind. There is no case law to draw from, because most citizen groups don’t have the money to challenge the city when they don’t follow the rules. The whole point of the law is to provide public oversight before Parks acts in a way contrary to the public interest. It’s time that the city followed the rules set by the citizens! Lawsuits are expensive – if you’d like to join the Friends of Lakewood Moorage, click below to the Lakewood Seward Park Neighborhood Association’s page to make your tax deductible donation, online or by mail. Thank you!


Friends of Lakewood Moorage are a group of concerned tenants and neighbors of Lakewood Moorage, with a mission to preserve the history, character and charm of Lakewood Moorage.  We advocate for its environmental sustainability, and work to enlist public funds for its maintenance and repairs.  We believe Lakewood Moorage is best operated as a public facility.  We believe it to be a unique Park within DPR, and believe it presents an unique opportunity for unique Parks programming.  We are concerned that a private entity with the amount of money Parks is seeking to repair the moorage will not act in the people’s best interests.  A private entity will capitalize on its investment with no regard for the middle class boating community at Lakewood.  Parks programming will be absent, as will be the opportunity for young adults in Southeast Seattle to share in the joy of boating on South Lake Washington.  Join us to encourage restrained, low impact repairs and restoration, instead of expansive redevelopment.  To get important updates, click on the follow button in the lower right hand corner of this page, or send an email to FriendsOfLakewoodMoorage@gmail.com.

  • Our Founding Members
  • Klaus Brauer, Capitol Hill
  • Pete Hoagland, Seward Park
  • Jeannie O’Brien, Lakewood
  • Karen O’Brien, Southlake
  • Marty Oppenheimer, Seward Park
  • Bill Rosen, Mount Baker