Who are Lakewood Moorage’s Friends?

Donations to Friends of Lakewood Moorage (FoLM) can be tax deductible if paid to Lakewood Seward Park Neighborhood Association (LSPNA), our fiscal sponsor.  Please write checks to LSPNA and send them to FoLM, 3703 S Edmunds St. #101,  Seattle, WA 98118.

New this week – donations via PayPal! Click to the Lakewood Seward Park Neighborhood Association’s page to make your tax deductible donation online. Thank you! 


We are a group of concerned tenants and neighbors of Lakewood Moorage, with a mission to preserve the history, character and charm of Lakewood Moorage.  We advocate for its environmental sustainability, and work to enlist public funds for its maintenance and repairs.  We believe Lakewood Moorage is best operated as a public facility.  We believe it to be a unique Park within DPR, and believe it presents an unique opportunity for unique Parks programming.  We are concerned that a private entity with the amount of money Parks is seeking to repair the moorage will not act in the people’s best interests.  A private entity will capitalize on its investment with no regard for the middle class boating community at Lakewood.  Parks programming will be absent, as will be the opportunity for young adults in Southeast Seattle to share in the joy of boating on South Lake Washington.  Join us to encourage restrained, low impact repairs and restoration, instead of expansive development.  To get important updates, click on the follow button in the lower right hand corner of this page.  We are on Twitter @ LakewoodFriends and on Facebook @ Friends of Lakewood Moorage.  You can join us by sending an email to FriendsOfLakewoodMoorage@gmail.com.

  • Our Founding Members
  • Klaus Brauer, Capitol Hill
  • Pete Hoagland, Seward Park
  • Jeannie O’Brien, Lakewood
  • Karen O’Brien, Southlake
  • Marty Oppenheimer, Seward Park
  • Bill Rosen, Mount Baker